The Future has Come!

A picture is worth a thousand words. We offer you the technology used by modern fighter jet pilots for your mobile devices. Our Augmented Reality application provides you with "another level of reality." It will give you a visual representation of what you would like to see, what you think about and even what you dream about on your mobile device.

An innovative idea for your health

The website and application for IOS, Android and Windows Phone will be free of charge and in 16 different languages. Wherever you are in the world, map2heal will help you find any health facility in your area, locate it, give you information about it, let you know if your language is spoken there and check if they take your insurance.

Every idea worth for life a bit.

Complicated sutiations can be solved with simple answers. The key point is answering the right question on right time. We belive that every idea worth for live a bit because different aspects and simple views improve vision. That is the reason why we like brain storming. Contact with us if you want to design the future.