New media experiance


Another dimension of the reality...

A picture is worth a thousand words. We offer you the technology used by modern fighter jet pilots for your mobile devices. Our Augmented Reality application provides you with "another level of reality." It will give you a visual representation of what you would like to see, what you think about and even what you dream about on your mobile device.

If you want to send someone a Christmas card, an invitation, or a birthday card but you want it to be special this time. Why not send a card with a three dimensional animation of people dancing on the front. Anything is possible!

You are the head of a daily newspaper, wouldn’t you want the photographs on the front page of your paper to come alive like a video? Imagine how amazed your readers will be!

You own a construction company, or you are an architect, or an interior decorator or someone who deals with design. Show to your customers the house of their dreams even before you have built it and take them on a tour around a fully decorated house...

Augmented Reality allows you to take a picture of reality and to enhance it with additional information and objects. The principle has long been used in the helmets of jet pilots. We use for it the display of smartphones and tablets. The camera in your device films the surroundings.

Augmented Reality enhances the image with additional vitrual images. This technology opens up new opportunities for many industries. It is much easier to demonstrate products and to communicate ideas because you can really show them. What until recently sounded like Science Fiction has become possible thanks to the advances in the computing capacity of mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android.