About us

CP Innovative Solutions is a Turkish software-company established in 2005. We have Turkish, German and Austrian programmers in team. In addition, there are also many counselors from various industries, primarily physicians who have previously worked actively in the area of computer science. Our services include the development of professional high-tech websites, mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone), creating and tracking global international databases and the implementation of designs that work with the cloud function. In addition, we also offer for every industry professional graphic design, Post Production and illustrations with professional service. The company currently working on Research and Development(R&D) projects.

We are seeking new employees

For our team, we are looking for new employees who have good communication and who are open to new technologies. To apply a job position, please visit contact page or send an email to info@cempaul.com.

Creative Developer

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Job Description

We need your help in putting a friendly face on our innovative technologies! Join us in designing and building the next generation of personalized user interfaces. Innovate on how we present personalized content to end-users and how clients interact with a complex system.

Why CP Innovative Solutions?

CP is part of the fresh and upcoming technology startup scene. We can offer you the ideal combination: a startup with traction and a stable financial background. High growth – Our user-base is expanding rapidly internationally. Great team – work with a small, cross-functional team of highly skilled in their field. Lean startup – we apply agile principles both in business and in software development.

Skills & Requirements

The Maximum Qualifications

  • UI/UX design experience (usability concerns, visual design skills)
  • Expertise in frontend technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Basic backend experience
  • Solid software engineering skills (code quality, testing, design, automation, version control)
  • Great oral and written communication and presentation skills in English

The Maximum Qualifications

  • Familiarity with design frameworks, such as Material Design and
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Good grasp of responsive / mobile-first design principles
  • Rapid UI prototyping skills
  • Experience in BackBone.js
  • Understanding of Functional Reactive Programming
  • International work experience
  • Interest in Swift
  • Experience with other languages (PHP, Node.js, Python, Shell, etc)
  • Experience in data visualization
  • DevOps mindset (willing to maintain a production service, diagnose and solve problems)
  • Familiarity with agile / lean methodologies
  • Since we believe in high-bandwidth, low-overhead communication, you have to be willing to work from our Hacettepe Teknokent oce.

To Apply

To apply, please send your resume and the apps you have contributed of development to info@cempaul.com.

Adress:Hacettepe teknokent 4.arge binası No 42 Beytepe Çankaya / Ankara

Tel: +90 312 227 04 34